Our team of instructors and guest speakers are leaders in the fields of hoof trimming, veterinary science, and nutrition consulting. Not only do they communicate the scientific information in an easy-to-understand fashion, but they also provide practical solutions to hoof health issues that they encounter on a daily basis. Our staff gets results in the field.


Karl Burgi, Program Director and Primary Instructor

Karl Burgi

A hoof trimmer, hoof-care consultant and instructor, Karl travels throughout the world teaching hoof health and lameness prevention, and consulting with dairy producers to minimize lameness.

Karl grew up on a dairy farm in Switzerland where he attended and apprenticed in various agricultural programs. In the early 1980s he traveled to the United States for his post-secondary education and began working as a herd manager on Wisconsin dairy farms.

He launched his full-time hoof trimming business, Comfort Hoof Care Inc., in 1989, and began designing upright hoof trimming chutes to practically restrain cattle. He invented the Accu-trim® Leg Restraint System, featured on all Comfort Chutes, to achieve the optimum heel-to-toe view of the hoof. Today, Karl continues to provide hoof care services to small and large farms in south-central Wisconsin.

In 1995, Karl attended and graduated from the Hoof Care Course at the IPC Dairy Training Center in Friesland, The Netherlands. He began teaching this scientifically based method of functional hoof trimming in 1995 through his comprehensive hoof trimming school, Dairyland Hoof Care Institute Inc. Karl is also a visiting lecturer at the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Veterinary Medicine.

“Through my work I have seen cows endure greater stress as they produce more milk and are confined on concrete more often. This requires more frequent trimming by knowledgeable hoof-care professionals that are getting results.

The more I learn, the more satisfying my work becomes. It is rewarding to see healthier cows and lower levels of lameness. As caretakers of dairy cattle, we have a responsibility to do everything in our power to maintain hoof health, which keeps cows productive and in the herd as long as possible.” It is my personal passion and business mission to SAVE COWS®.


Travis Busman, Assistant Program Director and Primary Instructor

Travis Busman

We are delighted to have Travis Busman as an instructor here at Dairyland. Our association with Travis began in 2000 when he attended the Technical Hoof Trimming Course prior to launching his hoof trimming business in central Michigan. Since then, he has served the needs of both small, family-owned dairies and large, commercial dairies.

Continued education has always been the keystone of his career. In 2003, he was a student at the Advanced Hoof Health Course. He has traveled abroad to attend the Lameness in Ruminants symposiums and conferences both in Uruguay and New Zealand. Further, he routinely networks with hoof trimmers and researchers both in the United States and within the international dairy community.

He has taught at Dairyland for several years in addition to hosting hoof health workshops in Michigan. Travis traveled to Japan where he trained hoof trimmers and on-farm personnel in the art and science of hoof care.

Travis truly cares about cows and strives to not only provide an excellent service but to educate the dairy managers on practices that will keep cows healthy and productive. We are very proud to have him on our SAVE COWS® team.

Jaco deBruin, Assistant Program Director and Primary Instructor

Jaco deBruin web

In 1990, Jaco started his career with a three year apprenticeship as a farrier and after eight years of practice he attended the hoof trimming course in Onderstepoort Pretoria. He attended the Dairyland Technical Hoof Trimming Course in 1999, which inspired him to network with some of the best technicians in the world. Jaco graduated from the Hoof Care Course at the IPC Dairy Training Center in Friesland, The Netherlands in 2003 and attended the Dairyland Advanced Hoof Health Course in 2006.

Jaco has attended many international hoof health events and conferences in the past 25 years. In 2011, he was a presenter at the International Lameness Symposium in Ruminants held in New Zealand. He was a guest presenter in 2013 at the Save Cows Symposium.

Not only is he respected for his hoof health knowledge, but he excels at questioning commonly held practices; challenging his clients and students to think about cow health in new ways. In the past decade he has traveled extensively, teaching on behalf of Dairyland in Japan, United Arab Emirates, Madagascar, Zambia and Saudi Arabia.
Beyond hoof health, he is a farm owner and breeder of a very rare indigenous African beef breed “Jarta Boran”. He is also committed to treating rare and endangered wild life in South Africa. Further, he is a board member of Dairy Feet SA with veterinarians and animal welfare associates.

In 2014, Jaco joined the team of assistant program directors here at Dairyland. This team shares the same passion for cows and hoof health, therefore is able to determine the essential components for each course, keeping this program “ahead of the curve” within the industry. We are proud of this international team who individually provide high-quality service in their businesses and collectively can change the dynamics and direction of the industry.

Jaco stands out because of his dedication to the industry and the dairy cow. He holds himself to high ideals and brings the best out of each student. We are very pleased to have Jaco on the  SAVE COWS® team.

Takahito Hayashi, Assistant Program Director and Primary Instructor

Hayashi web

Hayashi has been involved in the Japanese dairy industry his entire life. In 1985, he started a hoof trimming business which serves dairies in central Japan currently providing hoof care to over 17,000 dairy cattle per year. His 47 client base ranges from 11 cows to over 1,500 cows.

As part of his trimming business, he has chosen to become educated by attending international schools, conferences and dairy events that provide a complete understanding of the factors the influence dairy cow health. Hayashi feels as part of providing a hoof care service it is also his responsibility to educate his clients. The dairy owners, herd managers and on-farm staff that work with the dairy cows daily should have a good understanding of proper cow handling, footbath protocol, feed management practices, and other environmental conditions that impact the health of dairy animals. Hayashi is a hoof care specialist who provides a “full service”, taking time to teach his clients about modern dairy management practices.

Although he had over 15 years of experience in 2001, Hayashi wanted to learn more therefore he attended our Technical Hoof Trimming Course. He also graduated from the Hoof Care Course at the IPC Dairy Training Center in Friesland, The Netherlands. He launched his own hoof trimming school, teaching the fundamentals of Functional Hoof Trimming to trimmers and dairy managers in Japan.

Providing a complete service to fellow trimmers, he operates a resale business of hoof care tools, supplies and consumables. In 2014, he saw an industry void and decided to start a concrete resurfacing business.

Hayashi was a presenter in 2013 at the Save Cows Symposium. He has served as associate instructor for many Dairyland courses in the United States and Japan before joining the team of assistant program directors in 2014. This team shares the same passion for cows and hoof health, therefore is able to determine the essential components for each course, keeping this program “ahead of the curve” within the industry. We are proud of this international team who individually provide high-quality service in their businesses and collectively can change the dynamics and direction of the industry.

Hayashi believes there will be little profit on dairies if no one takes care of the cow. “She must be healthy to be productive. The challenges on modern dairies are always changing and therefore as trimmers we must strive to meet the needs of the cow by advancing our education.” Hayashi’s concern for cow welfare is the driving force which is exhibited in his daily work. We are very happy to have him join our SAVE COWS® team.

David Rowe, Assistant Program Director and Primary Instructor

David Rowe web-2

David has a genuine passion for dairy cows. His love of cows began at age 11 when he started milking at a local dairy farm that also showed Holsteins. This interest carried through college and resulted in a job as show team manager and herdsman.

He started his hoof trimming business in 1995 serving producers both large and small with various facilities and housing conditions. David obtained his British diploma in hoof trimming and is a licensed member and serves on the committee of the National Association of Cattle Foot Trimmers. He has been teaching hoof trimming at agriculture colleges in the UK for the past twenty years.

In 2009, David made the decision to push his business forward by investing in equipment that could make his job easier and more efficient. He traveled to the United States to investigate hoof trimming equipment and hoof care practices. He met Karl Burgi, purchased his first Comfort Chute and was introduced to a team of people who shared his philosophy of caring about cows.

David decided to further his training by attending the Dairyland Technical Hoof Trimming Course in 2012. He was invited to be a guest presenter at the 2013 Save Cows Symposium.

He served as associate instructor for in the United States and United Kingdom before joining the team of assistant program directors here at Dairyland in 2014. This team shares the same passion for cows and hoof health, therefore is able to determine the essential components for each course, keeping this program “ahead of the curve” within the industry. We are proud of this international team who individually provide high-quality service in their businesses and collectively can change the dynamics and direction of the industry.

David’s business philosophy is – “I will never stop learning and the more knowledge I gain the better job I can do for my clients and their Cows.” His passion for taking care of dairy cows has never wavered. We are very pleased to have David on the SAVE COWS® team.

Andrew Tyler, Assistant Program Director and Primary Instructor

Andrew Tyler web-2

During a successful career as a herd manager, Andrew developed a keen interest in cow mobility and how this relates to health and productivity. As a result, he chose to pursue a career in cattle hoof care.

In 1991, Andrew attended the IPC Dairy Training Center in Friesland, The Netherlands and obtained his diploma the following year. He obtained his Instructors Diploma in 2008.

In the spirit of furthering the hoof health industry in United Kingdom, he was part of a dedicated group that formed the National Association of Cattle Foot Trimmers in 1998. As a committee member, he represented this group on the Dairyco Steering Group, overseeing the transition of the Healthy Foot Project from Bristol University. Today, he continues to serve as a board member and provides direction regarding the direction of this national organization.

After practicing and teaching for many years, Andrew attended the Save Cows Symposium and Dairyland Technical Hoof Trimming Course in 2013. He found the experience completely inspirational and felt that with enhanced training he would have greater clarity and therefore be both a better trimmer and instructor.

Not only does Andrew bring many years of teaching experience but also the sincere desire to make a difference in the dairy industry. While enjoying a thriving commercial career, Andrew feels it is a privilege to join the Dairyland program director and instructor team. It is our privilege to have him on our SAVE COWS® team.



Nigel Cook, Bsc BVSc Cert. CHP DBR MRCVS - University of Wisconsin – School of Veterinary Medicine

Nigel CookNigel Cook is a Clinical Associate Professor in the Food Animal Production Medicine section of the University of Wiscons-Madison, School of Veterinary Medicine. He qualified as a veterinarian in 1992 and worked in a large food animal clinic in Southern England for four years before moving to the Royal Veterinary College, Hertfordshire, where he spend three years as lecturer and head of the Large Animal Ambulatory Clinic. Since 1999 he has been in Wisconsin, providing a milk quality troubleshooting service to farms, teaching veterinary students, and developing research related to the influence of the environment on hoof and udder health.

Dr. Cook manages the Cow Comfort and Well-being Program with interests in a variety of subject areas related to the impact of the environment in which we keep our dairy cows on their health and behavior. Current projects include the effect of stall design on lame cow behavior, the effect of heat stress on stall use and lameness, interrelationships between hoof lesions, air quality in livestock buildings, the effect of pen moves on transition cow health and the development of a variety of transition cow health monitors.

Dr Cook’s principle responsibilities include teaching the Mastitis Problem Investigation and Basic Skills in Production Medicine clinical rotations in final year, lecturing on mastitis, lameness, and welfare, training students how to hoof trim, while providing a milk quality and facility troubleshooting service to farmers in Wisconsin and neighboring states.

Dr. Cook’s primary clinical interests are focused on the impact of the environment on the well-being of the dairy cow. He provides a troubleshooting service to the dairy farms of Wisconsin for problems related to milk quality, clinical mastitis, lameness, and poor reproductive performance. He is also involved in appraising dairy facilities and offering advice on remodeling barns and building new barns to improve cow comfort and the care of dairy cattle.

Visit the FAPM Website

Sarah Daugherty, MSc, PAS, Daugherty Consulting, LLC

Sarah Daugherty web

Ms. Daugherty has been a nutrition consultant for over eleven years. In the two years prior to owning her own business, Sarah worked as an instructor in the Dairy Herd Management and Farm Business Production Management programs at Southwest Wisconsin Technical College. Prior to teaching, Sarah was a nutrition consultant at Cuba City Feed Mill in Cuba City, WI.

In 2009 she joined GPS Dairy Consulting, LLC where she provides independent nutritional consultation for moderate-sized dairy operations in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois and Iowa. She has a particular interest in improving milk production, milk components, reproductive status and metabolic disease by addressing first the health of the animal through nutrition, and second the specific facility challenges and/or management styles of the operation. She strives to understand the goals of an operation and the role of the individual people working within the operation and then develops a practical plan to achieve positive change as quickly as possible.
Sarah grew up on a dairy farm near Cuba City and earned her bachelor’s degree in animal science from the University of Wisconsin-Platteville and a master’s degree in animal nutrition from Texas A&M University in College Station. Living in Texas from 1996-2003, Sarah worked with a 300-head registered Jersey dairy for three years specializing in nutrition, marketing and calf care. She then joined a nutrition consulting firm that worked primarily with larger dairy herds.

Today Sarah serves on the advisory board for Southwest Wisconsin Technical College. She is a registered Professional Animal Scientist (PAS) certified in the area of dairy nutrition through ARPAS. Sarah lives and farms in Cuba City, Wisconsin, along with her husband and five children.

Mark Lute, Associate Instructor

Mark Lute

With over 40 years of experience in the dairy industry, Mark brings a unique perspective to the Dairyland program. He owned and operated a modern, family dairy farm for over 25 years, achieving high milk production and improving genetics within the herd.

In 1997, Mark made a career change by attending our Technical Hoof Trimming Course and launching his full time trimming business, Super Moo Hoof Care, where he serves herds in south-central Wisconsin. Furthering his hoof health education, he attended the 2003 Advanced Hoof Health Course and joined the team of instructors here at Dairyland.

Mark enjoys working with cows to help them feel better which will in turn, hopefully, helps his clients. As an instructor, he finds it rewarding to “give back” the knowledge he has gained in his trimming business. Additionally, he is proud to continue the family business tradition of having his wife, who also attended Dairyland, working with him since 2005.

In addition to his hoof health business, he values his volunteer opportunities that take him to interesting parts of the world. He has volunteered on over 30 missions through Wisconsin Volunteer’s Mission. He has also had the opportunity to share his agriculture expertise as a volunteer through Overseas Cooperative Assistance traveling to Belarus, Ukraine and China.

“As both an instructor and a hoof trimmer, I have a responsibility to those entering the hoof trimming business as well as my dairy clients.”

Mark’s passion for the dairy industry makes him a valuable member of our SAVE COWS® team.

Brian Begert, Associate Instructor

Brian brings an extensive understanding of dairy farming to his hoof trimming business in central Wisconsin. He attended the Technical Hoof Trimming Course in 1997 and multiple Advanced Hoof Care Courses in 2003, 2006 and 2010. He primarily works with large, modern dairies that have a unique set of challenges. Long walking distances, recycled sand bedding, manure solid bedding and inconsistent feeding practices result in a host of hoof health challenges. Brian overcomes these challenges with precise trimming and treatment practices, taking the time to do the right job to get results. His clients have improved hoof health and higher productivity due to his dedication to each dairy cow. In addition to his trimming business, he also is owner/operator of his own dairy herd.

Lee Erickson, Associate Instructor

Lee was born and raised on a dairy farm in the hills surrounding Eau Claire, Wisconsin. It was his love of working with dairy cows that attracted him to becoming a hoof trimmer. He attended the Technical Hoof Trimming Course in 1998 and graduated from the Advanced Hoof Care Course in 2003. His client base ranges from small to mid-size dairies with a variety of conditions and challenges. His dedication to his clients and concern for cows provoked him to always ask “why?” He believes in networking with other trimmers to find the right answers to improve cow productivity and the bottom line of his clients.

Kimberly Evert, Program Assistant/Technical Support

Kimberly was raised on a 350 cow dairy outside of Prairie du Sac, Wisconsin.  She grew up showing Holstein and Jersey cattle at various county and state shows.  She has always been an advocate for agriculture and actively supports her local FFA Alumni Chapter.  She graduated from the University of Wisconsin- River Falls with a Bachelor’s Degree in Dairy Science.  Kimberly discovered her passion for hoof health while attending the Dairyland Hoof Trimming Workshop in River Falls and she joined the SAVE COWS team in June of 2015.  She has been focusing on hoof health research and product development.